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'There's an enormous sense of drama, of conflict in Kubalove's music. The newcomer seems continually torn between emotions, pulled in several different directions by her heart.

New cut 'This Foolish Love' is a case in point . . . A swirling vocal and a grand arrangement . . . this is supreme, noirish R&B'

                                                                                        ~CLASH MAGAZINE


"London’s electrifying KUBALOVE unloads the slithering single 'Trouble'. It's a breathy piece of synthpop with lunging synths and late-night funk keys; robotic synths whirr enough to make St. Vincent jealous. It serpentines through the worlds of straight-up pop and sultry industrial malice, never quite lingering long enough to be either fully, with simple lyrics swirling around like a room spinning after one too many drinks - try and focus, and you'll keel over"                                                                           ~ THE LINE OF BEST FIT


'‘Dangerous’ is a dense steamy passionate sexually charged slice of dark electro pop . . . KUBALOVE may well be the missing link between Goldfrapp and M83. You have been warned."

                                                                    ~ THE VON PIP MUSICAL EXPRESS


KUBALOVE is the epitomy of dark, dense and seductive electropop . . . her sensual sounds, deep bass synths, echoing drum beats and whispered, sexy vocals will get under your skin..'

                                       ~ THE UNSIGNED GUIDE (Spotlight Artist Feature)


''Trouble' opens with a pounding string of kick drums, and it’s a tantalising sample of what’s to come . . .The whole track evokes the better part of an alcohol-induced daze – everything is spinning, you’re in black leather, and the don’t-fuck-with-me attitude is in full force. It’s a red-hot statement of intent'              ART FELICIS

'It’s hard to pin down what it is about 'Trouble' that gets under your skin. Perhaps it’s Jackson’s sultry, enticing voice, and the air of authoriative confidence she exudes. Or it could be the robotic, mechanical sounding synths which bring to mind notions of a futuristic computer game – but in a really good way. Whatever it is, it works'                                                                       VANGUARD ONLINE

'As the synth sounds cascade around inside your hear, the vocals begin to somehow intertwine with the batch of electronic sounds until you reach the point where you consider the possibility that it might been artificial intelligence bringing these mesmerising sounds to your ears . . . Pop that I like, now that's a rare one'                                                                                                                    ~ WE CLOSE TONIGHT

'An innovative solo chanteuse whose strong and sensual dancefloor electronica is a template for unforgettable streamlined pop hooks'                                          NERDY FRAMES

'Much like its video, the tune 'All I Want' knows a thing or two about how to be seductive. Constructed on the back of a steadily throbbing and buzzing base line, this is synthpop that adheres diligently to the genres original early eighties ethos; drumbeats echo with a regimented snap, flourishes are sparse and galactic in nature, and even when Kubalove "la la la la loves" her way through the chorus, it's done less with the pretence of a pop princess and more with the type of detached demeanour that typified Depeche Mode et al. in their formative years. Twists and turns are few, but it's that simplicity that works to the track's advantage, intensifying the sense of single-mindedness that infuses the prevailing mood and narrative.

                                                                           ~ THE SOUND OF CONFUSION


‘All you Grimes and Chvrches fans are going to love this one.."

                                                                 ~THE JOURNEY ON "ALL I WANT"


'Indie pop at its finest, plus some . . . Featuring a healthy blend of indie-electro, and synth-pop, Kubalove has big things in store for her near future. Kubalove will without doubt be receiving great feedback and head turns from the big boys"                            ~ HEAR IN COLORS


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